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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Small resurrection story

The past 29 of March Spain was on General Strike. As most major cities, Barcelona witnessed important demonstrations which led to street riots and fires lit in the middle of the streets. 

Though this has apparently nothing to do with gardening, I was quite sad when I realised that my beautiful and huge Rosa Fortuniana which was bursting with young shiny leaves and literally hundreds of buds, has been charred and reduced to a black mass of branches by the heat of the burning bonfires.

On the spot I thought she was irremediably damaged but continued to water and spray her with a highly diluted leaf fertilizer, in the hope of a dim recovery.
Two weeks passed and not much happened. My beautiful Fortuniana, once strong and healthy as a rock, dragged herself with no sign of improvement.

 Little by little all remaining leaves shrivelled an hung sad from the long and arched canes.

And then all of a sudden I detected tiny swelling eyes where the dead leaflets fell off. My darling Fortuniana was alive and struggling to recover.

Strange enough, quite a few flower buds resisted and eventually opened on the totally leafless shrub, perfect white pompoms of petals on blackened, sad branches.
It moved me even more since it would have been the first year I was to see my rose in full bloom. Last year it only had a few shy flowers and it was supposed to fully show it's grace this spring. 

Pampered as a sick child, I hope my darling Fortuniana will have the chance to fully recover for next year.

A happy (Orthodox) Easter to you!
Hristos Anesti !


  1. How brave and resilient is your darling Fortuniana? She knew you hadn't given up on her...
    I hope she continues to improve and bring much happiness with her perfect white pompoms ;D

  2. Fortuniana is a very tough rose! I hope she comes back and in a few years will be even more beautiful than before.

    1. she is indeed! it recovers admirabily, if still a bit scraggy - just a shame I have missed the blooming period and have to wait till next year!
      thank you for popping by ( you look great with glasses!)