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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dicentra or not Dicentra?

Dicentra or not Dicentra? This is the (crucial) question!
Browsing around my favourite garden blogs I spotted a lovely picture of a Dicentra Spectabilis flower, or so I thought...
Reading further, came the shock - all of a sudden it was called Lamprocapnos Spectabilis!

So here we are for years, struggling to learn the fundamental Latin names of our darlings and out of the blue, pafff, comes some botanist and changes the rules! Mind you that I truly believe that rudimentary Latin names are very useful when it comes to naming a plant. The Dicentra in question lives and thrives very well under the common names of Bleeding Heart, Dutchmen's Trousers, Lyre Flower and the most poetical Lady in a Bath, so one definitive Latin name makes it easy for all to understand what we are talking about. 
Now, it might take us some time to memorize the Latin basics, but honestly Dicentra was quite a nice one. Now Lamprocapnos Spectabilis is quite a tongue breaker, honestly!

Why for all gods in the vegetal kingdom should this delicate spring shrub live with such a rude name?
For my part we can go on calling it Bleeding Heart or Lady in a Bath just out of protest!
What do you think about?

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