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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Plant Profile: White Forsythia

I am not particularly fond of the common yellow Forsythia. Not that it lacks charm as a spring messenger, but it has been used and abused as a public space plant way too much! No suburban  playground can do apparently without! Besides that, it blooms for a short period and after that the remaining shrub is dull, plain green without much interest.
There is though a very similar shrub - the Abeliophyllum Distichum or White Forsythia, that is quite lovely. Both plants belong to the Oleaceae family and come from Asia. The White F. is original from Central Korea.

The White F. is fairly robust and has no particular cultivation needs. A sunny to half shades spot will do perfectly. As most spring bloomers it has to be pruned immediately after the flowers have fallen, since a spring pruning would compromise the next blooming period.
All together I find this version more subtle than the arch-known yellow relative (even if it is not just a simple colour variation, but a different plant) and the extra bonus is a sweet and lovely scent.

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