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Monday, April 9, 2012

Marbled Eggs

Marbled eggs are fun to do and quite a feast for the Easter table. If you choose properly the colours they can resemble real marble or stone eggs, but othewise all combinations are lovely and fun to experiment...

How to do:
Hardboil the eggs and while still warm, dye them in a ground colour of your choice with egg dying colours prepared with hot water and a pinch of salt and vinegar to fix the colour. Let the eggs dry on paper towel.
Prepare a shallow dish with a concentrated complementary egg dying colour of your choice - a couple of spoonfulls of liquid, mixed with a dash of oil.
Swirl your dyed egg in the colour/oil mixture quickly to form marbled stains. Exercise and experience will help you adjust the intensity of the marbling.
Let the eggs dry again and then softly rub them with cooking oil to give them shine.

Happy Easter!


  1. Foarte, foarte frumoase !!! Incerc.

    1. merciii! sunt cele de anul trecut, sa vedem cum o sa iasa de data asta... :-)
      ne "auzim" de Pasti si o sa le comentam...

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