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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Souvenir D'Italie

Some recent pics taken around Reggio Emilia and Milan...

 an unusually sweet scented Cammelia in pale shell pink

 Pink Cammelia in stone tub

 a terrace in Reggio
 The Tea Rose florist in Milan

The sweetest smelling violets offered by a most elegant and gentle friend... 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Blooming rewards

Dear friends,

Two month ago, I was strolling back home one evening and just passed by a garbage dump where somebody ( probably someone who moved out) just deposited a whole load of plants. There were some big Scheffleras and a chopped huge Yucca :-(  and many other smaller plants thrown away on a heap!
Since I felt quite sorry about all these poor plants, I started looking for something I could possibly save. No question about caring home a huge yucca alone, but at a second and eve a third glance... there it was: a quite big Dendrobium Orchid!!!

It didn't look like much at first - orchids never do when they are not in bloom, but it looked like it was full of tiny little flower buds. I obviously took it with me and one and a half month later I got a wonderful reward!!!

 I guess, at this stage, it has earned itself a very good place in my home. We call it "Trovatello" alias the Foundling. And now I have lo learn how to care for it, since I'm not very good with orchids...

 Let me know if you have any tips and tricks for growing Dendrobiums or if you ever had experiences with rescued plants.