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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Have some fun in the veggie garden!

We're definitely heading towards autumn - it's official by now! I'm not particularly happy about it, but there is a good side to it too: the new seed and plant catalogues we start to devoure voraciously until we make our next planting choices.
I do not grow vegetables myself -( I do grow lots of herbs) and yet I cannot but feel a sort of childish curiosity and wonder for this unusual fruits and vegetables! If I'd had a real garden and lots of space I would definitely try some of these garden weirds just for the fun of it.

Cucamelons or Mexican Sour Cucumbers

 Lemon Cucumbers
Asian Winged Beans ( No idea how to cook with them, but there should be plenty of tips in the huge Internet sea)

Pretzel Beans

 Parisian Round Carrots - probably pain carrots, but aren't they just cute?

Honey Queen Raspberry

Hungarian Black Peppers

 Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes

 Watermelon Radishes

Now there is definitely no excuse for not eating up the vegetables!
You can find the seeds at the heirloom seed producers.
Check out this site if you are looking for heirloom seeds: http://empowured.com/seed-saver-sources-organic-gmo-free-non-hybrid-untreated/

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