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Monday, September 17, 2012

What's Blooming Now - September II

Thanks to the fabulous "Vivaio la Campanella" Nursery I identified the blooming rose I have posted this morning. 
It is a Aimeé Vibert a Noisette climber, introduced by Vibert in 1828.
Everything matches, the type of blooms and the fact that it is a late bloomer in June followed by a second flush in September.

Sweet scent and a fairly resistant rose.
Some say it grows up to 3 m but I think it can do much more than that, since mine is grown in a pot and is already that high.

Alternative names:  Bouquet de la Mariée, Nivea, Unique

For fabulous old roses and lots of clematis check this site:  http://vivaiolacampanella.com/
They are real pros!

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