" To plant trees is to give body and life to one's dreams of a better world " Russell Page

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Autumn is here, get ready for planting...

Officially Autumn is here! But we are far away from taking a rest.
On the contrary, lists and plans - sometimes over enthusiastic ones, for autumn planting begins. 

I for one have started to check out for Crocuses and Freesias ( rigorously white ones, since they proved to be a fool proof supply for cut flowers) and Muscary and maybe some dwarf Daffodils, and, and, and...
Meanwhile my gardening helpers  - Pepe & Miele (Pepper and Honey in Italian) are taking a rest.

 Miele squeezing in a box...



  1. De unde vrei sa comanzi ? Muscari si crocusi am si eu pe lista :)
    Sa tot fii pisica ...

  2. asa e !in viata urmatoare sunt pisica!!! ( no doubt)
    vezi pepinierele astea:


    cum am gata list o postez...
    numai bine

  3. you might enjoy rosenposten - a danish nursery that sends mailorder roses that are really nice and healthy to all of europe.

    1. thank you Eva! a really nice nursery I did not know. I love their choice of old roses - lots of not so famous ones. makes me wish I has loooots of space more... sigh!
      all the best