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Friday, July 13, 2012

Zucchini flowers from Italy

I do confess I am not a huge fan of the flower eating craze...
I like elder flower cordial and accacia fritters and that is it... No big fan of begonias, calendulas and tulips - in my plate...
But zucchini flowers are quite a different story!
Few things can compare with the absolute delicacy of filled zucchini flowers coated with light batter and fried to perfection! There is something almost metaphysical about them... so light and inconsistent and yet so unbearable good.

Last week in Milan, I went to a local market and came across my beloved delicacy... A feast for the eyes and palate.

Try them in the classical "Fiori Fritti" style or for a lighter version filled with a ricotta, pinoli and lemon zest filling and lightly sauteed in a pan without the batter.

Vegetable eating has never been more poetical...


  1. I had not heard of filled zucchini flowers before but can imagine they would be very tasty.

  2. Widziałam to już w sklepach, ale nigdy nie jadłam, bo nie znałam przepisu na sporządzenie ich. Pozdrawiam.
    I've seen it in stores, but never ate because I did not know a recipe for their preparation. Yours.

  3. For all those interested, these are my favourite zucchini flower recipes:

    Fried Flowers

    Fill each bloom with a wedge of good mozzarella and a tiny bit of basil leaf. Coat with a light batter(I like them in tempura rice flour batter) and fry until golden and crispy.

    Pan sautees flowers:
    Mix a filling of ricotta cheese seasoned with pinoli, lemon zest, salt & pepper, basil and a bit of fresh mint, if you like.
    Gently stuff the flowers and swing them in a hot pan with a drop of olive oil. I love my copper pan for short frying!

  4. Der Marktstand mit den gelben Zucchiniblüten sieht wunderschön aus. Hier in Norddeutschland werden leider keine Zucchiniblüten angeboten. Da ich aber Zucchini im Garten habe, kann ich dein Rezept trotzdem ausprobieren.
    Gruß Anette

    1. Hallo Anette,
      Such dir die mannlichen Blueten aus , damit du deine Zucchiniernte nicht verminderst. Ich liebe sie auch als leichte Variante fur Sommerpasta (Tagliolini)
      Gruss Ioana