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Saturday, July 28, 2012

What's blooming now: Soupert & Notting Rose

Introduced by Pernet Pere in 1874, this relatively small Moss Rose has a charm of its own. The blooms are rather small and intensely fragrant ( it reminds me of raspberries, but that of course is quite subjective) and ruffled. The colour is a strong pink with a bluish hint that fades a bit with age.
Foliage is matte green and the stems are covered with tiny but ferrocious thorns.
Some breeders list it as repeating rose , but in my experience it never did. And so says David Austin too!
Soupert & Notting is a rather small, bushy plant.

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  1. Your plant is lovely, I am glad it is doing well for you. It is one of my favorite roses at the Heritage Garden in San Jose.