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Monday, December 2, 2013

Books for Christmas

I've just ordered theese books for Christmas ( oh, yes, I am indulging in self gifting  ;-) ) since there is not much left to do in the garden and a good read is just as pleasant.

Weeds: In Defense of Nature's Most Unloved Plants  by Richard Mabey


Any Day, by Henry Mitchell

Mitchell is the late author of the Washington Post gardening column and author of some of the most delightful and witty gardening books


  1. I think I will have a lot of reading fun with "Any Day" of Henri Mitchell. Thank you for mentioning this I am going to order it too.
    Wish you great reading pleasure on coming winterdays!

    1. Hi Janneke! Such a pleasure to read your comments! I just love the way Mitchell writes...Did you read the others? such fun! Please send me any recomandations of gardening books you liked.
      all the best

  2. Good suggestions! I am going to look for Any Day!

    1. Hi Jayne! It's a most delightful book, with Mitchell's usual witt. Though it's not one of his gardening books. I love his writting anyway... Weeds was a very pleasant surprise! gives me a totally different insight about what we consider nuisible plants. All the best and a happy and green 2014!