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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chrysanthemum delight

November is almost on the door step and there is an overflow of Chrysanthemums everywhere. Sad enough the noble plant - so dear to the Japanese, is destined to embellish our cemeteries and this is it...
Especially in the Mediterranean area, this versatile plant is so deeply associated with graveyards that it is an offence to bring someone a bunch of the un-nameable creature...

But if you happen not to be superstitious and you dare take a closer look at the Chrysanthemum family you will discover that there are plenty of interesting shapes and colours which look pretty sophisticated.
Look out for the very elegant cactus shape, with fine and elongated petals. I particularly fancy the anise green ones, but there are amazing double face ones too, like the bronze and yellow or pink and yellow ones.
Then there are the huge cabbage shaped mums which I find lush and sumptuous and the globe shaped ones too...

Before consumerism hit the horticole production and Chrysanthemums hit the florist shops just in time for All saints, mums where at home in each and every peasant garden, cheering up those sad November days with their bright colours and puffy blooms - gay as a broad child's smile. They are brave and sturdy plants, sometimes a bit prone to mildew, but otherwise they will brighten up the garden for years on and on...

The only advice is to pinch the young shots quite mercilessly in order to encourage side shots and give the plant a bushy shape. Otherwise they tend to grow quite leggy and need stalking in order not to flop over with the first autumn rain.

I don't know you, but I think the Japanese are right to call it the Imperial flower!


  1. Yes, indeed I also think like the Japanese to call the Chrysanthemum an Imperial flower, but for me.....only in October and November, at this time of year I like their autumn colours. In my cottage garden I grow Chrysanthemums as cutting flowers to make flowerarrangements in November for inside. You made beautiful photos of some nice cultivars.

    1. Yes Janneke, you are so right! they are perfect for this time of the year! I would not necessarily want a bunch of them in March... but right now they are very beautiful. The last blooming firework before winter...

  2. Ja uwielbiam chryzantemy i często mam je w wazonie, a szczególnie te z piątego zdjęcia. Pozdrawiam.
    I love chrysanthemums and often have them in a vase, and especially those of the fifth picture. Yours.