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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Something for the Mixed Border

If you still have a gap in your border ( which we all do not - on regular basis) well then, you can have a look at these darlings:

 Centaurea Montana "Jeordy"

 Campanula glomerata "Caroline"

 Papaver Orientale "Black and White"
 Dierama "Merlin"

You can find a good choice at:


  1. Każdy ma coś z koloru bordo w sobie. Śliczne kwiatki.Pozdrawiam.
    Everyone has something to do with the color of claret in you. Beautiful flowers. Yours.

  2. you're right Giga, but it is quite unintentional.... probably I fall for purple! I promise I will enlarge the spectrum. Greetings