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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dark Queens and Black Knights II - colour combinations

Lately I have thought about the difficulties of marrying black blooms with other plants. Indeed if a little black dress goes with everything in fashion, in the garden things are quite a bit more difficult.
So here are a few combinations, to fuel our taste for adding some black mistery to our borders and pots... 

Tulips Black Parrot , Shirley, Helleborus Niger, Convallaria M.

Cosmos bipinnatus Chocolate, Stipa Tenuissima , dutch Iris combination

Daylilly Dusk Trug, Iris Crinoline, Hollyhock Black Magic, Cosmos Daydream, Begonia Evening Glow

Heuchera Chocolate Ruffles, Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy, Daylilly Jungle Beauty


  1. Ah, lacrimioare roz ... o feerie. Votez prima si ultima combinatie. La prima, m-au dat gata lacrimioarele, la ultima, crinul junglei. O sa le visez ... esti vinovata de doua noi obsesii.

  2. imi asum responsabilitatea pt instigare la colectionat... ;-)

  3. Los primeros lirios negros los admiré en Italia, me impresionaron pero no me atrajeron, seguramente no estaban el entorno adecuado.
    Un saludo.

  4. Maruxa gracias por tu comentario. Tienes razon, si mo aciertas las combinaciones, los colores tan oscuros pueden resultar bastante apagados.