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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Formal gardens with a modern twist II

Though not a formal garden as such, Bryan's Ground in Herefordshire offers some truly amazing details of formal planning. I am referring to certain details in the riguorous and geometrical apple orchard, the sinouus  but otherwise very clean brick borders of the basin and the green alleys of clipped and trimmed boxes and laurels.

The garden is structured in several green chambers, with different moods, most corners are beautiful examples of  English landscape with lavish clematis and campanulas in a symphony of lavender and pale blue hues.

But what impresses me most, is the orchard. Each tree is cleanly embeded in a rectangle of pale blue Iris sibirica "Papillion" set in a carpet of soft trimmed lawn. There is a riguorous Elizbethan planting layout of the trees, but the Iris rectangles add definitely a contemporary twist. The effect is crisp and elegant.

 After the admittedly short flowering period of the Irises, the sword like leaves still form square cushions  underneath the apple canopy.


On one side, the orchard ends with this sinuous brick festooned pool which echoes the meanders of a peaceful river.

Contact information for Bryan’s Ground

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    Bryan’s Ground
    Stapleton (Nr. Presteigne)
    Herefordshire LD8 2LP
    United Kingdom
  • Telephone
    (44)1544 260001


  1. Faktycznie irysy nie kwitną długo, ale czas ich kwitnienia daje niesamowity , piękny efekt. Woda, to mój ulubiony dodatek w ogrodzie i tu wygląda bardzo ciekawie. Pozdrawiam

  2. indeed Giga, Irises are a great addition to any garden. At least now one can repeat their magic with reblooming Iris barbata varieties.
    many greetings

  3. Si eu tot la irisi m-am oprit. Asa de multi ... livada irisilor ...