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Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Gardener's Surprise

Today, since the weather was almost summery, I decided to plant a couple of leftover bulbs... some lilly tulips, fritillaria Uva Vulpis and some narcissus.
I have the nasty habit of poking bulbs in any residual space between other plants, crowding them at the feet of roses and laurels and god knows what else.
This morning though I made up my mind and cleared up a pot where I tried to save a herbaceous peony I really loved and which I could not bring up my heart and leave behind in the old garden. So I lifted the beloved clump and potted it in the hope it will survive. The truth is that it did absolutely nothing and at this point, after one and a half years of shy hoping and praying and eventually mourning - I was mentally prepared to clear the pot and prepare it for a nice spring bulb planting...
So at this stage I lifted a couple of Asian Lilly which also found their way into the same vessel and to my great surprise.... at the bottom I found two bits of my still alive peony Flame!!

I know that any sensed person could object that I could have ordered a new plant and be done with all the sentimentalism , but we gardeners are sometimes quite attached to our creatures. It was like meeting a dear old friend... Useless to say that the found treasure has been ceremoniously repoted in fine and fragrant soil in the hope of a new start. Hopefully this time it will work better.

Peonia erbaceea "Flame"
For all bulb lovers here is an interresting Dutch nursery:


  1. Am scris un comentariu azi, dar se vede treaba, ca am uitat sa scriu parola de verificare ...
    Iti scriam, ce ma bucur, ca ai comentat la mine si asa te-am gasit si eu .
    O sa te vizitez des, avem aceeasi clima si imi place, sa cunosc gradinile altora.
    Pe curind !

    Bujorul asta e o nebunie !!!!

  2. I'm glad to meet you, I too love the peonías
    Un saludo