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Thursday, June 30, 2011

magenta - are we affraid of colour?

 an eye catching batch of Drosanthemum Hispidum at the Villa Hanbury in Italy, used as a magenta flower carpet. the efect is bold and rather impressive

 a Piet Oudolf lanscape that comments itself...
 I dressed the feet of my white oleanders with purple and magenta mesembrianteums
and the purple bougainvilia with white convolvulus cneorum -the huge "ball" here not yet in bloom


  1. Uwielbiam patrzeć na takie kolorowe ogrody i domy po których pną się kwiaty.Im bardziej kolorowo, tym pięknej. Pozdrawiam

  2. thank you for your comment. in fact these colours work best in hot climates where the light is very strong and where pale colours tend to look faded or washed out. I will try to post some more examples ...

  3. Love magenta, love the pictures.